- License real estate development companies.
- Establishing real estate development areas.

A - The benefits given to the real estate developer:
- The temporary admission during the entire period of the completion of the project for all its need of machines and mechanisms, devices, equipment, vehicles and equipment required to implement the project with the possibility of a replacement operations for it.
- Importing all of the construction materials and works equipment required to implement of licensed projects without being bound by the provisions of the stop, prohibition or restriction of import and the system of direct import from the country of origin.
- Opening an account in foreign banks operating in the Syrian Arab Republic banks in accordance with the cutting systems for the benefit of the licensed project.
- The usage of funds from foreign exchange in financing the licensed project or contributing in its money or buying its shares.
- Taking a loan for the licensed project from the operating banks in the Syrian Arab Republic guarantee their own funds.

B - Tax incentives.
Regulated by Legislative Decree No. / 51 / for 2006 tax in Syria in accordance with the principle of ascending gradually and reaches the maximum tax rate for individuals or companies to 28% on clear profits and the real estate projects subjects to the principle of dynamic decisiveness, as for shareholding companies that announce their shares for public subscription by at least 50% their tax rate is / 14% /, the projects covered by the investment promotion laws (including real estate development and investment No. / 15 / for the year 2008 Act) its higher tax rate is (22%) and this rate is reduced according to an encouraging basis for the achievement of the project.