Group of Syrian Immigrants Visit Commission


By date 22\8\2016  General Commission of Development  and Real Estate Investment  welcomed group of Syrian immigrants busnissmen  headed by, D. Nabeel Al Malaze, chairman  of syrian club in Poland .

General director  presnted brief examination  about real estate development  areas  located in safe areas   that have priority to start working in it and it is good chance for investment . General commission encourages syrian  immigrants to invest their capitals in  presented project  of commission, and guests are informed by number of licensed  real estate development companies  that  commission have  and  established real estate development area  and  its goegraphy location  in country area and is told by facilities and advantages  presented to real estate project

Group of syrian immigrants wish participating in rebuild  by licensing company spesification in this domain . Engineer Sameh Matar , vice president  group of immigrants , gives detailes about  building  factory for quick coating and building according to Delta system for pre-coating  traditional  buildings  that may use in rebuild because it doesn’t  need too much money,are built quickly and eco-friendly.