Developing its plans for Rebuilding Stage ,General commission of Development and Real Estate Development :45 license company and 23 innovated area right now .


General Manager of General Commission of Development and Real Estate Investment ,Dr Ahmad Homsi assured that the work of the commission hasn’t stop during the crisis period ,it benefits from duration time to prepare for the coming stage in rebuilding whence putting necessary studies and plans that need long time to be executed in order to bring rebuilding into real immediately after the recovery stage .

Dr .Homsi rejoiced good in the company’s turnout to have the license as a real estate developer in its twofold :initial and final one indicating that up to date 45 company had the final license and 23 innovated area are available for investment .He alluded that the commission is working to innovate new areas and preparing its scheme and studies to be put ahead of investors and foreign who are friends to Syria and that will be in the coming stage .Homsi pointed that the commission is following up the administrative bodies that are concerned and urging them to advertise the execution of innovated real estate areas and submitting help for them to organize the technical ,human rights, financial condition books .

Attaching the squatter settlement ,Mr.Homsi said that there are 157 area ,the commission rises on continuous contacting the administrative bodies to update the information of the own national map because of preparing to begin execution .

About the investment law no 15 for the year 2008 and its amendments, Mr.Homsi said that the discussion is still on the table in order to be amended and fill the gaps that are existing in the law original copy ,for this sake, the commission communicated with all the interested developer and investors inside and outside the country top show their opinion and notes hopping to issue the new law soon taking into account that any investment right now is entrusted with the recovery stage although many investors are waiting whether the residents in Syria or the outside one’s and that will be according to the communication and correspondences that are set for the commission to receipt about the modality and conditions of the investment in Syria