Signing  a memorandum of understanding

Signing a memorandum of understanding


In the 15 th of December 2015 a Memorandum of Understanding is signed between Damascus university ( civil Engineering university ) and General Commission of Development and Real Estate Investment .

It is signed by Dr. Mohammad Hassan AL Kerdi (Chief of University ) and Dr. Ahmad Homsi ( General manager of the commission) At the beginning of the meeting  Dr. Homsi talked that this Memorandum comes through proceeding of attaching society with university and said that universities are the real source of powers and expertise , the signing of the Memorandum comes through the developer steps that the commission tracks .

The mutual target is the attaching of academy with scientific research and between the applied work  fields in order to reach a state of positive complementary and interaction as serving the mutual  behalf of our society and build our country that needs efforts collaboration during this critical stage of its annals

Our universities are always a light stand and streak thought that the society gropes its direction and single out its benefits usefulness of its spathe .

The articles of this Memorandum serves both sides through contributing members of teaching commission firms in making use of the techniqual capacities and supporting the expertise’s and holding them up with what is modern .

Dr. homsi wished success to the university administration and the aiming to larger co – operation horizons .

The chief of the university welcomed this Memorandum that will open co -operate horizons between both sides and will help the university to access in the commission scientific project and he expressed his optimism of executing the articles or this Memorandum as serving the scientific institute goals and the executive commission .