Amendments of law no 15 is at final stages

Amendments of law no 15 is at final stages


Commission welcomes Sana Construction Limited company 17/6/2015 Sana is insurance company as real estate developer for commission ,It offered presentation about its projects and achievements in many countries in Africa and Mr director showed encouraged investment opportunities , constructed real estate development area and facilities that are presented to real estate developer according to real estate development law /15/2008.

The company express its interests in real estate investment in Syria and it searches for real estate development area and projects that give good opportunities ,in the present time it studies many projects that are offered by general commission and real estate development investment and D.Homsi concluded that Syria welcome you and any initiative of all expatriates who are enthusiastic to participate in construction country.

On 3/8/2015 commission welcomed by Swiss( HILTI ) company that makes light on development equipments and tools that are produced to be usefulin reconstruction works with the latest international technologies .

the company expresses its agreement to cooperate with commission in building and reconstruction process .Mr director expressed his delight of company ` interests and cooperate with it in common fields and particularly in make solution to randomized settlement regions General manager of General commission of Development of real estate investment :Drafts amendments law of real estate development in its final stages

Dr Ahmed Al Homsi ,General Manager of General Commission and Real Estate Development announced to Alwatan newspaper that commission in its final stages of draft amendment law of real estate development /15/2008 and that will happen after completion insurance procedures and all amendments will help in reconstructed stage ,and explained that number of insurance real estate development companies is /44/local and foreign company with total capital is /2500/billion l .s ,/23/real estate development area has constructed contributing between Damascus countryside ,Aleppo ,Homs ,Deir Al-Zour ,Hama and ,Alsweida and will continue in construction other areas by modernization data bank for real estate area and general manager asserted that priority in reconstruction will be area that must demolish and rebuilt again ,then area that must rehabilitation and mention to that conferences benefit project and give new idea ,each conference focus on particular aspect and these ones are very necessary because reconstruction process isn`t easy ,and every area has its specificity and circumstances ,mention to importance of concerted efforts in private and public sector in reconstruction process ,and allowed to apply participatory in two sectors by support real estate developer and give necessary facilities to develop infrastructure in reconstruction stage ,and commission have important role in next stage by motivation private sector and encouragement companies of private and public sectors .

and he added that commission will construct complementary urban societies which allowed to their inhabitants enjoyable with comfortable living conditions ,offering many of real estate development areas and presentation on all local and friendly companies which wish in investment in our country and assert that we will woke permanently to discover new real estate development area ,in addition to making complementary plan to process randomized settlement problems .