Real Estate Devlopment

Hawi Al Beghlieh

Hawi Al Beghlieh

Established Decision No : 5051
Estab Lished Date : 21/10/2010

Hawi Al Beghlieh
Badia Of Dier Ezzor – Site of Al Beghlieh

Location: The proposed region is located south west of the old village ( Al Beghlieh) and it is about 500 M from it and 6 Km from the centerof Dier Ezzor city.
Area : 500 Hectares
Population: 120000 people
Number of the proposed housing units: 24000 units
Administrative subordination: Dier Ezzor city Council
Purpose of the project: It aims to build a residential area containing Multi –storey social houses with all relative social, economic, sportand educational services.
Real Estates: They are outside the prohibition areas and sanctities and outside the touristic areas . They are of Dier Ezzor city Council property.
The road connection: The real estate site is connected with Dier Ezzor city with a paved road of good condition, and it is connected with Aleppo- Dier Ezzor road. It in near the road complex which leads to Damascus – Aleppo and near from the Friendship Bridge.